About Us

Why we exist?

Gym Meals Direct was founded in mid-2015 for one reason:

We loved the gym, and we enjoyed eating tasty, nutritious food. Although it sounded straightforward enough, cooking nutritious and delicious meals, that still help us achieve our goals in the gym, was hard work.

Firstly, there was finding the time to cook. Doing it every day became a drag, especially with the gym, work, kids, and families. Like most people, we thought the answer was the infamous Sunday night meal-prep. This involved hours of weighing meat, cooking rice, slaving away in the kitchen and laying out Tupperware containers. And finally, when the prep was done, then there was the mountain of washing up to do after.

Secondly, there was trying to make the food taste good. Let's face it; we aren’t all Gordon Ramsey. Keeping meat moist and succulent all week can be a real challenge. Making it edible was hard enough work, let alone crafting it to be delicious, tender and well..enjoyable. Making rice and chicken taste as delicious as a restaurant quality meal seemed like a pipe dream.

There were many companies that offered to do this service for us, who claimed to deliver delicious, fresh and nutritious meals to our doors. This sounded great to us, so we tried them all (and we mean ALL). Meal company after meal company promised us what we had dreamed of, but, sadly, all fell short. Tired of cardboard tasting chicken and rice meals, we finally decided to do something about it ourselves. Disenchanted with the current state of fitness based meal companies, we decided to take matters into our hands, we took an oath against frozen meals and decided to do things right. It was at this moment; Gym Meals Direct was born.

What we did?

After deciding to take matters into our own hands, first thing was first, we needed Chefs. And by Chefs, we mean Chefs. Qualified and experienced Chefs who could deliver the quality and taste of the meals we wanted for our customers, and for ourselves. 

Once we had located Chefs who could provide us with the quality we sought, it was time to craft our menu. We painstakingly sought out the freshest local ingredients for them to craft into mouth-watering recipes that were simple and provided what Gym goers needed nutritionally.

How we do it?

Every week once our customers order their meals by Midnight Thursday. We go out and locate the freshest ingredients around Canberra, sourcing the best quality from local suppliers, checking everything meets up to our stringent standards. From here; our Chefs rise early on a Sunday to craft these ingredients into fresh meals that are then delivered to our customer's door, fresh. Meal prep, done right! 

Now we proudly provide this service to the Canberra area, to more and more customers each week. Our meals aren't transported from interstate; they are cooked locally, straight from the kitchen to your door!